Sunday, March 4, 2012

Miracle Berry Tablets

Miracle Berry? You might think I've gone crazy, but I swear these exist in natural form, as well as tablets! When I first discovered these in culinary school, I was attending a demonstration with the natural berries and was blown away. But first, let me tell you what they are.

Native to the wet, tropical lowlands of West Africa, it was first documented by a french explorer during an excursion of West Africa in 1725. The plant can grow up to 20 feet in height in the wild, but normally stays under 10 feet when grown in cultivation.Harvested twice a year, these berries are sweet but flavorless and this is what makes then special: they contain an "active glycoprotein molecule with miraculin". When the flesh is consumed, the molecule binds to your tongue's taste buds cause bitter and sour fruits to taste sweet. Personally, the effect lasts about 20 minutes, but some people have reported it to last up to 2 hours.

For example, after consuming the miracle berry or tablets, you suck on a lime. This lime will now taste to you as the sweetest and most delicious limeade ever. That's the mind blowing part. When you consume goat cheese, your taste buds are really tasting a smooth, sweet cheesecake. And beer? Beer tastes like a milkshake! I know, crazy!

There are some health benefits to the miracle berry as well, but not reviewed by the FDA yet (but yes by the equal organization in Japan), so if you're interested in possibly learning more about how consuming miracle berries can help your health, head on over to this link and read "What The Sugar Industry And The FDA Don't Want You To Know!"

This was my first time tasting Miracle Berry Tablets (and my husbands first time tasting anything Miracle Berry!), and you can see a few of the tastings we set up: limes, Sriracha, Hot Chili Paste, Blackberries, and Vegemite. Off camera, we also had: Goat cheese, 80% dark chocolate, pineapple slices, and a bottle of beer.

Each and every ingredient changed completely under the miracle berry phase. Hot chili sauce was sweet, with a subdued heat; the blackberries where under-ripe and when tasted, they tasted like berries plucked fresh from the bush. Our favorite? Sucking on limes. My mouth waters just thinking about it. Of course, you want to take notice of what you're consuming and don't just suck on limes all day, your tummy might hurt!

Want to order your own berries or tablets? Head on over to Miracle Berry Hut and stock up. It's a fun event to bring out at parties!

Disclaimer: Miracle Berry Hut kindly sent me their tablets to test and no monetary compensation was exchanged. Opinions are (and always will be) 100% my own and based on my tasting.

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